Algar das Morenas

Algar das Morenas
Algar das Morenas
Algar das Morenas
Dive Type
Cave, TEK
Dive Site
Cave (fresh water)
What you will see
Cave galleries, Hard restrictions, Restrictions
Water Temperature: 10º-16º
Algar das Morenas is located in the village of Alandroal, Portugal. It's a singular cave inserted in the anticline of Estremoz-Cano. The dominant aquifer formations are of carbonate nature, beginning with the Estremoz Dolomite Formation, of Cambrian age, which rests on an impermeable substrate consisting of Cambrian detrital deposits and pre-Cambrian schist (Xistos de Mares).
Access to the water is made through two wells of 10mts each until the water appears. The technical difficulty in putting divers in the water is enormous.
As it is not a spring, it's possible to dive all year. The water level fluctuates by +/- 18mts. It is possible to go down the well in a drop of -55mts. Authorization from Alandroal City Hall is required to access the entrance. (Luís, R. 2018)
--Photos by: Rui Luís