Dive Type
Cave, TEK
Dive Site
Cave (spring water)
What you will see
Cave galleries, Hard restrictions, Restrictions, Rock Formations
Water Temperature: 10º-16º
The spring of the Alviela is a permanent karst spring located to the West of Alcanena in the gentle contact of the Limestone Massif Estremenho on the Tertiary Basin of the low Tejo
It's worth mentioning that this spring lies at the extreme West of the triangle Alviela, Almonda, and Polje de Minde, in a small limestone block separated by a Cretaceous outcrop preserved within the Monsanto syncline, on the southernmost part of the Serras d'Aire Natural Park and Lamps.
Although the spring is permanent, you can only dive in dry season. It is possible to go through +1000mts of galleries and a drop of -135 meters. For the last two years, a team of Portuguese divers has been pushing to explore further and the Alviela galleries have been explored to a depth of over -200 meters.
In the rainy season, it is impossible to penetrate the system due to the strong current and flow rate. Access to the water is difficult and time-consuming due to the various drops of 3mts to overcome and a small gallery of 10mts with only 1.3mts of height.
PNSAC authorization is required. (Luís, R. 2018)
-- Spot description by Rui Luis
-- Photos by: Armando Ribeiro and Rui Guerra