Ancoras do Ilhéu

Ancoras do Ilhéu
Ancoras do Ilhéu
Ancoras do Ilhéu
Ancoras do Ilhéu
Sao Miguel
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Archeological artifacts, Rock Formations, Sea Life
Average Depth: 14mts
Maximum Depth: 22mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
This dive site consists of a small basin of about 40mts long, where we can find several hundred-year-old anchors of varied size and type. The presence of these archaeological remains is due to the historical importance of Vila Franca do Campo, the island's first historical capital.
Located just outside the marina of Vila Franca, halfway between the marina and the islet of Vila Franca do Campo, this small subsidence is only 14mts deep and the sandy bottom lies down in a 22mts of depth.
Scattered, we find about 1 dozen anchors, the largest ones with more than 2mts in length.
Its proximity to the marine reserve of the Island of Vila Franca do Campo makes this place quite interesting in terms of marine life. A number of species of Moray, Eels and Nudibranchs are commonly seen swimming around, while at the bottom of the sand we can find large Stingrays and small Mullets.
-- Photos by: Ana Ferreira