Baixa da Ponta do Marco

Baixa da Ponta do Marco
Baixa da Ponta do Marco
Dive Type
Recreational, TEK
Dive Site
What you will see
Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life
Average Depth: 25mts
Maximum Depth: 44mts
Water Temperature: 18ºC-24ºC
This spot is located far from the harbor.
The mount top is in the 20-25mts, in a zone subject to currents. It is only advisable to more experienced divers.
We can observe large shoals of pelagics such as Amberjacks, Atlantic bonito, and Bicudas.
From the 20-25mts, we pass quickly to the 45mts where there is an abundant amount of Bottom fishes, Groupers and large Whiting. As well as common Stingrays immovable on the bottom, and several species of Morays.
-- Photos by Ana Ferreira and Luis Gui