Baixa do Almirantado

Baixa do Almirantado
Baixa do Almirantado
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Archeological artifacts, Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life
Average Depth: 12mts
Maximum Depth: 18mts
Water Temperature: 13ºC-19ºC
Extensive rock and sand bottom area characterized by the diversity of its topography and the conditions of diving, current and visibility. This place begins a few hundred meters away from the coast, in the interior of a small bay extending towards the South. Inside the bay, about 10mts from the surface, from the bottom of sand emerge rock formations of the pinnacle type that can reach about 2mts in height. This area is limited to the North, East and West by a continuous sand bottom. As we move South, the boundaries of East and West meet and the rock formations give way a wall 2-3mts high that extends south to depths of the order of 18mts. In the rocky zone located to the North, protected by the bay of the influence of the currents, the visibility is normally superior to the one which we can find more to the South. In some situations, it can vary from 5-10mts to the North to less than one meter to the South. Outside the protected area of the bay, due to the dynamics of currents and seas in the area, the topography of the bottom can change significantly over a period of a few months. Particularly regarding the covered rock areas or discoveries by the sand. This zone was used like a zone of anchorage having already been possible to find in the rocky bottom stumps of boats of Roman origin.
-- Spot description by Jose Carlos Martins