Baixa do Morro

Baixa do Morro
Baixa do Morro
Baixa do Morro
Baixa do Morro
Dive Type
Recreational, TEK
Dive Site
What you will see
Cave galleries, Rock Formations, Sea Life, Shoals of Fish
Average Depth: 24mts
Maximum Depth: 60mts
Water Temperature: 18ºC-24ºC
Zone away from the coast, with some current and with a maximum depth of 60mts. For these reasons it is only recommended for experienced divers.
The top of the rock is 6mts deep, however the ideal place to observe large shoals of pelagic fish is in its extremities at around 15mts deep.
In the South side the low reaches 40mts of depth and to the North about 60mts of depth. We can find several platforms around the 20mts where we can expect to see great shoals of Atlantic Cutlassfish, Bicudas and Jacks that come to this place to feed on mackerel fish.
At about 35mts deep we find two caves with walls covered with Narwari shrimp. One of them is full of jacks and in the other, we find a resident Grouper and a Conger of considerable dimensions.
-- Photos by: Francisco Antunes, Luis Gui and Rui Guerra