Banco João Lopes

Banco João Lopes
Banco João Lopes
Banco João Lopes
Banco João Lopes
Santa Maria
Dive Type
Dive Site
High Seas
What you will see
Manta Ray, Rock Formations, Sea Life, Shoals of Fish
Average Depth: 20mts
Maximum Depth: 40mts
Water Temperature: 18ºC-24ºC
The João Lopes bank is constituted by a low. Its top is to approximately 14mts deep and falls to 40mts.
We can expect moderate to strong currents as it is far from the coast. For this reason we recommend this dive only to experienced divers.
The marine life that we can observe at this spot consists of Groupers, Kingfish, Queenfish, Salemas, etc.
This low has slopes and vertical walls and levels, in the quota of 20mts, ideal places to be watching the shoals of Pelagic fish that walk there in the "blue", such as the Amberjacks, Mackerel, Jacks, big Groupers and Manta rays.
--Photos by Luis Gui and Rui Luis