Furnas do Monte da Guia

Furnas do Monte da Guia
Dive Type
Cave, Recreational
Dive Site
High Seas
What you will see
Cave galleries, Flora, Sea Life
Average Depth: 24mts
Maximum Depth: 30mts
Water Temperature: 20ºC-24ºC
This spot consists of 2 large caves with the entrance at about 20 meters deep,, about 50 meters from each other.
The bottom outside the caves is 30 meters deep, and here we can observe typical species such as Moray Eels, Yellow Chestnuts, Bicudas, Cutlassfish.
In the cave located to the West, the entrance is narrow and long. In the end, we have a sliding door about 1.5 meters wide that gives access to a chamber of considerable dimensions. Immersed in almost total darkness, here we can see on the walls spirographs, Narval-Shrimps, and Nudibranchs.
Leaving and heading West, we have the second cave.
On the way and about 324 meters from the cave entrance, we can visit a small shipwreck that is laying there.