Gruta dos Encharéus

Gruta dos Encharéus
Santa Maria
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Cave galleries, Rock Formations, Sea Life
Average Depth: 17mts
Maximum Depth: 32mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
Starting at 15mts deep, we have a long gallery with 2 sources of light entry points.
We can observe Almaco jacks, Barred Hogfish, Wrasses and lying still on the seafloor we find large round Stingrays.
The entrance is located at about 15mts deep.
At the end of the gallery, more experienced divers can stay in the protected waters of a passageway that takes them to a depth of 32mts. They can visit a wide cave that is regularly home to the schools of White Trevallies that gave the dive site its name.
-- Photo by Rui Guerra