Navio Hidrográfico Almeida e Carvalho

Navio Hidrográfico Almeida e Carvalho
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Restrictions, Sandy bottom, Sea Life, Wreck
Average Depth: 22mts
Maximum Depth: 32mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-20ºC
The Ship was acquired by Portugal and incorporated into the fleet of the Armed Forces on 21st January 1972. It entered Lisbon for the first time on 12th March 12th 1972 and undertook the activities of the Hydrographical Institute.
In 1981 it undertook a cruise of almost two months in the Republic of Cape Verde. In 1984 it docked on the Republic of Guinea-Bissau to carry out several studies, specifically on the Cacheu River.
This shipwreck is part of the Ocean Revival Project. The Ocean Revival Project was born with the intent of promoting Algarve's underwater tourism, making it an excepcional destination. There are also other 3 ships that make part of this project: "Fragata Hermenegildo Capelo", "Patrulha Zambeze" and "Corveta Oliveira e Carmo".
This particular shipwreck dive is quite interesting. Besides it being used to monitor fauna and flora growth, on the ship's hull there are panels that were installed there as a way of keeping a record of shared photos by divers also to track species evolution.
Fun fact: there is a geocache hidden somewhere on the ship, for the fans of geocaching, this will surely motivate you to further explore this wreck!