Paredes do Cabo

Paredes do Cabo
Paredes do Cabo
Paredes do Cabo
Paredes do Cabo
Paredes do Cabo
Paredes do Cabo
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Cave galleries, Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life
Average Depth: 12mts
Maximum Depth: 18mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-20ºC
The "Cable Walls" are located next to the Cabo Espichel cliff.
The depth is about 12-15mts and what makes it so special is the fact that we can find many traces of the wreck of the River Gurara in which the Stern part is about 100mts to the South.
As it is situated near land, it's frequent that after the living tides, the same vestiges are displaced. So whenever we leave it we notice differences in the environment.
Several species take advantage of the protection factor that this spot provides to develop and hide from larger predators. On the wall, we have a small cave that we call a chapel that is possible to penetrate, but only 1 person at a time and carefully so as not to raise any sediments.
We can find Cuttlefish, Salmon, and Shrimp hidden in the holes of existing pipes. Also large Gorgonians and a huge variety of nudibranchs. In one dive only (for the fans of these fantastic creatures) we can observe an average of 20 different species of slugs.
Easy and quiet navigation. Great place for photography.
-- Photos by Ana Ferreira