Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Flora, Rock Formations, Sea Life
Average Depth: 65mts
Maximum Depth: 90mts
Water Temperature: 12º-18º
The general location of Penedos was given to us by a local fisherman around 20 years ago. He told us about the existence of these large boulders and abrupt depth changes in a relatively confined area just in front of the village of Sesimbra, where the sea bottom is almost exclusively composed of sand and mud. The catch was that, without GPS at the time, the precise coordinates of this underwater “oasis” of rock, fish, and corals took some exploration and many failed dives before we were able to pinpoint the area correctly.
And it was worth the effort! This spot really shows an ecosystem that is quite different from the surroundings. With fauna and flora you cannot see elsewhere in the marine reserve around it. There are cliffs of about 20mts high, with large branches of hard coral and hundreds of the bright colored Anthias that swim effortlessly against the currents that normally affect the site. The visibility varies a lot, depending on the tides and wind, so it is almost mandatory to carry good lighting if you want to avoid the darkness.
It is a good alternative to other similar sites located beyond the Cape Espichel as it is sheltered from predominant waves coming from the North/West and it is very close to the harbor.
The problem is that only advanced technical divers can descend to the depths of between 60 and 85mts. So, if you are not yet certified, maybe It’s time to address that small nuisance!
Description Credits: Pedro Lage