Ponta da Passagem

Ponta da Passagem
Ponta da Passagem
Ponta da Passagem
Ponta da Passagem
Ponta da Passagem
Ponta da Passagem
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Flora, Rock Formations, Sea Life
Average Depth: 15mts
Maximum Depth: 22mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-20ºC
This dive site was absolutely lovely. It was the first dive of the day and the early morning sun
cast beams of light through a large garden of kelp. The kelp was tall, growing on a boulder,
rocky bottom, and seemed to reach towards the light while gently rocking back and forth. We
had been dropped off close to the cliffs and as we swam closer to the cliff, we went through a
canyon-like rock formation with kelp on either side. Eventually, we arrived close to the shore but
under a rock overhang that made a dark shadow contrasting with the light beams from above.

An octopus was spotted as it moved from kelp stalk to kelp stalk at the rocky bottom, changing
color to blend in with the kelp, then the rocks, then a bright yellow and white – announcing it’s
presence. On the kelp little white nudibranchs could be seen and red and orange wrasses too
cover within the kelp, but their hiding places revealed as the kelp swayed back and forth as a
gentle swell created water movement. Spikey urchins could be seen on the rocks within the kelp
and blennies were perched on the rocks. I was shooting wide-angle to capture the kelp, but
there was plenty of macro life to photograph as well.
-- Spot description by Brandi Mueller
-- Photos by Albano Mesquita, Brandi Mueller and Rui Guerra