Recife Dollabarat

Recife Dollabarat
Recife Dollabarat
Recife Dollabarat
Recife Dollabarat
Santa Maria
Dive Type
Recreational, TEK
Dive Site
High Seas
What you will see
Rock Formations, Sea Life, Shoals of Fish
Average Depth: 5mts
Maximum Depth: 50mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
This is a recommended place for experienced divers only as it is located far from a harbor and in a place prone to strong currents.
The long journey of any of the islands is in itself a great adventure, allowing divers to witness the richness and diversity of species we can see such as cetaceans, turtles and seabirds.
As soon as we anchor the boat, on the days of calmer sea, we can see the shallowest part of this low only 5mts deep. Shadows of marine life that "fly over" this low.
We start the dive in the shallowest part at 5mts, and if we explore our surroundings, we see areas with depths of 8-10mts but that quickly fall to 20-30mts.
Excellent place to observe abundant pelagic background life "in the blue".