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Experience Scuba Diving in Portugal

  • From

    € 150 /diver

  • Diving plan

    The dive you choose! Fully serviced.

  • Location

    Portugal, Azores and Madeira; your diving area, wherever you are.

  • What else do you get?

    (Option 1) Transfer from the hotel to the dive site and back (from €100)
    (Option 2) Underwater pictures of your diving! (from €350)
    (Option 3) A video from this fantastic adventure (from €450; includes the pics)

  • All packages include local support during your stay

The package

This is the easiest way to try diving in Portugal. You just chose your favorite kind of dive, we will book you the closest and best diving center. Because you don't want to appear there completely alone and prefer to dive with someone you know, you'll meet first your Portugal Dive Buddy with whom you'll share your experience underwater.

And because you want proof of diving for those that said you wouldn't do it, we will take the indispensable pics...

"D" day

Your diving Buddy will meet you at the hotel and will take you to the diving centre. The dive will be booked early in the morning or in the afternoon to match your choices of the diving spot - the exact one you've chosen - and time. After a fantastic dive in the Portuguese sea your diving Buddy will take you back to the hotel.

We will take you diving the spot YOU want to dive. YOU will see what you like when you dive. Closer as possible to the place where you're staying
These blue waters are waiting for you. And if you want to take a specialty course while your holiday's buddy is diving, don't waste the opportunity to become certified as you need to be...

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