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Ana Claudia Ferreira

From Lisbon, Portugal

SSI Certified: Specialty Instructor, Gas Blender Nitrox/ Trimix, Extended Range Nitrox, Advanced Open Water Instructor
GUE Certified: Fundamentals

Claudia is a passionate diver. She got her Open Water certification in 2011 and in 2013 became a scuba diver instructor.
She loves teaching and finding ways to transmit her passion for the aquatic world while raising awareness of environmental issues.
Together with her teaching, she also has a passion for photography, especially Nudibranchs.

Anton Zhuchkov

From Mira d'Aire, Portugal

IANTD certified: dual cave CCR sidemount, cave&tec instructor, and Instructor Trainer

Anton is a speleodiver.
His passion is exploring of the virgin caves. If Anton dives, you can be certain that he will put a new line in an unexplored place somewhere really deep. His record is -212 m in 1,5 km from the entrance in one of the Portuguese caves.
Anton's second passion is teaching how to dive caves.

Arlindo Serrao

From Portimão, Portugal

TDI Certified: MKVI Full Cave CCR and MKVI Mixed Gas 60 M CCR

Arlindo belongs to the breed of divers, who usually don't wash their equipment because every dive is in fresh water. There's an exception, though and that is when he wants to dive wrecks. Unfortunately for him, there aren't very many in fresh water on this side of the globe...

Filipa Ramos

From Lisbon, Portugal

SDI Open Water Diver

The ocean enthusiast who has turned her longtime passion for the sea into a reality. With her newly earned Open Water Scuba Diver Certification, she's now completely hooked on all things diving.

Luis Gonçalves

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Portugal

PADI Certified: REC Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor, TEC Instructor
SSI Certified: Instructor, Assistant Instructor Trainer
SDI Certified: Staff Instructor, TDI Instructor
TDI Certified: TDI Advanced Trimix Diver, TDI Rebreather Full Cave Diver, TDI MkVI Discovery/Se7en Air Diluent Diver
NSS-CDS Certified: Cave Diver
DAN Certified: Instructor
Commercial Diver 3rd class

Luis is a customer oriented Dive Instructor with substancial experience in technical and recreational diving instruction and dive center management. Luis is always in a good mood. He never rests until everybody is in the same pace, having as much fun as possible, jumping from a boat to a 12 meter deep choral dive, or exploring a cave.

Rita Magalhaes

From Lisbon, Portugal

Certified to be

Wannabe diver: swimmer & snorkeller but not quite down there with diving yet - it's a work in progress!

Sara Galis

From Lisbon, Portugal

SDI Advanced Adventure Diver

The desire to discover the wonders of subaquatic life is a strong reason to dive whenever it is possible.

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Alain Monteiro

From Lisbon, Portugal


Albano Mesquita

From Vila Péry, Manica, Mozambique


Armando Ribeiro

From Lisbon, Portugal


The taste for deep dives, unexplored wrecks and caves, lead Armando Ribeiro to establish the ‘In-Silence Dive Team’ Portugal’s first team of technical rebreathers diver. Created in 2004/2005 their main objective is the development of CCR diving for the use of exploration of both deep shipwrecks and caves on the Portuguese coast as well as the participation in international diving expeditions. Armando was one of the first serious advanced expedition divers in Portugal which led him to become a member of numerous expeditions with some of the world’s best technical divers. His most recent project aims to explore, obtain cave’s cartography and capture in video the biggest and most spectacular springs in Portugal. This exciting adventure was recently fuelled by the discovery of new underwater galleries that have opened the door to new challenges due to the greater depths and distances that the team have been achieving. Armando’s work and expeditions are published in diving magazines internationally

Artur Lagoá

From Porto, Portugal


Bernardo Ferreira

From Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Advanced Open Water certified

Hello, I'm Bernardo Ferreira, I'm Portuguese and my passion for diving came very early, when I saw the photographs my father showed me of his dives. I did my first scuba dive at age 8, and since then I have never left the modality, I love shore dives for the logistics, adventure and exploration that these types of dives have and transmit, but I also like dives from a boat. In addition to scuba diving, there is also Bodyboarding / Bodysurfing, snorkelling and open water swimming.

Brandi Mueller

From United States

TDI Tech Diver
Full Cave Diver
PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Started diving in 1999, instructor in 2005. Boat captain since 2008. Brandi is a photographer and writer obsessed with traveling and sharing the stories of what she sees. She studied marine biology in college and has a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii. Working on liveaboards around the world (and traveling to dive on her vacations) she started to take photos and collected tips and tricks from any photographers she met, eventually meeting a few editors willing to publish some of her work. WWII wrecks are some of her favorite subjects and she is a captain of the M/V Truk Odyssey liveaboard which dives the Japanese WWII wrecks. Brandi continues to dive around the world with the intent to share images and stories of the people, wrecks and animals that live around the water and below. She has won several awards and is widely published in books, magazines, online and has a book called The Airplane Graveyard. She is an Ikelite Ambassador, is part of the Ocean Artists Society and a Platinum Pro 5000 recipient.

Claudio Dias

From Cascais, Portugal

TDI Certified: Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox Diver, Decompression Procedures Diver, MkVI Discovery/ Seven Air Diluent Decompression Diver, MkVI Discovery/ Seven 60 m Mixed Gas Diluent Diver
PADI Certified: Open Water Instructor, EFR Instructor, Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor, Project Aware Instructor, Aware Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor, Wreck Diver, Digital Underwater Foto Level 2

Claudio is a Civil Engineer who has been diving for a long time and photographing underwater since 2007. Currently, he uses a Sony NEX -5 inside a Nauticam box and two flashes Inon Z 240

Cristiano Samagaio

From Sesimbra, Portugal


KAPTUM is a project by Cristiano Samagaio, graduated in Design from IADE - CREATIVE UNIVERSITY in 2011. Registered in 2016, more than a pioneer in the collection and edition of images and aerial contents, the KAPTUM brand stands in the market as a communication department, betting on a strong strategic component towards its clients, not only as in the Audiovisual field but also in the field of Graphic and Multimedia Communication.

Delfim Machado

From Faro, Portugal


Eurico Roseiro 

From Lisbon, Portugal


I always had a huge passion for the sea and diving was a child's dream. I started doing it in Armação de Pêra on the largest natural reef in Portugal, combined with diving I practice another great passion that is photography.

Filipe Amorim

From Aveiro, Portugal

Specialty Course Stress&Rescue, Specialty Course Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2, Science Of Diving, React Right - Oxygen Provider (O2), Platinum 1000 Diver (ssi), Open Water Diver, No SSI Equivalent Program Available (Emergency Responder - CPR (BLS)/First Aid - Adult) ,Marine Ecology, Gold 500 Diver (ssi) Dive Control Specialist, Blue Oceans, Advanced Open Water Diver (ssi), Advanced Adventurer

I am a 38-year-old sea lover who lives in Aveiro and whose preferred dive sites are in Sagres, Algarve. There I took the Dive Master (PADI) course and returned to Aveiro to continue my journey in diving.

Filomena Sá Pinto

From Sesimbra, Portugal


Francisco Manuel Antunes

From Carcavelos, Portugal


Favorite quote:
"Stones on the way? I keep them all. One day I will build a castle. "- Fernando Pessoa

Just passing by...

Henrique Nascimento

From Lisbon, Portugal


Loves all about photography, for that reason always carries the camera to take amazing pictures and share with all of us.Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1971.In November 2009, discovered the wonderful underwater world.PADI, AOWD and Nitrox.Already dived in México, Jamaica, Punta Cana and of course in Portugal.In Portugal the most dived Spots are in Sesimbra, but also dives in Peniche, Portimão, Cascais and Madeira.Start shooting underwater with a Panasonic TZ7 in May 2010.In April 2011 bought used equipment, Nikon D100 with a Hugyfot Housing.In November 2011, bought new equipment: Nikon D90 also with Hugyfot Housing.His passion is Macro photography, special shooting Nudibranchs and also others tiny animals of the underwater, but sometimes loves to shoot the amazing environment of the underwater with and without divers.His photos where used in some publications as:Celebration of the 25 years of River Gurara by Sesimbra town hall;News Paper “Publico”, about the 25 years of the River Guirara;Book about the Cabo Espichel, “Terras de um Mundo Perdido”;Book cover of the Cinema Festival “Finisterra” in 2014;Photography exhibition during the Cinema Festival “Finisterra”,2014;7 Pages ith photos on the most important Portuguese Photography magazine “Mundo da Fotografia Digital”, 2013.He regrets not having discovered the diving and the underwater photography long time ago…..His favorite quote: "Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life..."

Higor Estevan 

From Lisbon, Portugal


Jeff Lindsay

From Ontario,Canada

Certified Rebreather/ Expedition Trimix/ Full Cave/ Photographer

Known for wide angle photography, varied lighting techniques and trying to capture the entire story in 'one shot' remains the elusive goal. Growing up on the Great Lakes fostered a natural curiosity of the unexplored for Jeff Lindsay; learning to dive in 1990 lead to a life long desire to visit and photograph the unknown and forgotten. With an almost limitless number of shipwrecks nearby, a natural progression into technical diving was required for the more remote and deeper locations; photography was a way for him to bring the experience to individuals who were not able to visit these deeper locations. During the frigid Canadian winters, the Florida springs drew him towards cave diving, completing his first cave course in 2000. Having gone on to specialize in overhead environment photography, cave diving skills have translated well to the cold, deep shipwrecks that are still being located today. He's been invited on numerous projects as team photographer and his biggest thrill is visiting a new wreck or cave for the first time and capturing some, small part of its essence in a photograph.

Joaquim Parrinha

From Sines, Portugal


Main driving force and responsible in Regional Development in the maritime area and its relationship between environmental issues; sustainable management of marine resources; register the underwater biodiversity of Costa Alentejana, promotion of the recreation of marine life protected areas; promoting the defense and safeguarding of the archeologic heritage of the Alentejo Coast. Seawine creation - "Seawine"

José Carlos Martins

From Cascais, Portugal


Started to dive in the late 70's, and has become a technical and cave diver.
He loves the ocean as well as fresh water caves.
What he likes most, is to do exploration dives, it doens't matter if in fresh or salt water, as long as it is exploration!

José Santos

From Lisbon, Portugal

SSI Certified Advanced and Nitrox Diver

Graduate in Audiovisual and Multimedia Comunication from ULHT, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is the phrase that I like best to define the way I love to communicate. I love challenges of overcoming, I do trekking, mountaineering and, of course, diving! What do they all have in common? Union with Nature and an inexplicable sense of Freedom.

Luis Gui

From Cascais, Portugal


Luis favorite quote is "Dive to Live".
Loves to travel and knows the sea from around the world, diving.
Luis discovered soon the passion for underwater photography and video, and wherever he dives, he always takes his cameras with him.

Luis Ralao

From Cascais, Portugal


One more PortugalDive.com diver and underwater photographer.
Always dives with his camera, because truly loves to photograph the amazing world you find underwater.
That´s his way of relaxing from the today's life crazy rhythm.

Manuel Cruz

From Lisbon, Portugal


Started to dive in 2011.
For Manuel, to dive is a way for relieving the everyday stress, but also an honor for his family, traditionally connected to the sea.
He always takes his Go Pro with him to capture images from the dive and share with all of us.

Miguel Louzeiro

From Lisbon, Portugal


Born in 1972, a native of the Portugal South margin. Since its beginnings connected to the sea, it began the activity of recreational diving in 2000. Training in several entities CMAS (P1), PADI (Rescue Diver), SSI (Divemaster), GUE ). It has a huge passion for what the oceans have to offer. Unconditional lover of shipwrecks, large pelagics and underwater photography.

Miguel Miranda

From Lisbon, Portugal


Lover of all aquatic things, preferably underwater.
Started diving in Egypt in the early 2000's and kept improving his diving skills
and experiences since then.
Underwater photography, technical diving
, and diving instruction are some of his strongest interests.
400+ dives

Paulo Costa

From Lisbon, Portugal

TDI certified OC...

Paulo is the atypical diver. If you ask him he is going to say he doesn't like to dive. For Paulo diving is a way of getting there. And "there" is always a shipwreck, preferably those built from iron, whose story he is going to dig for as many years as necessary until he knows all about the ship, the people that were on board, why did it sink and all the details you will find here in PortugalDive.com if are in it for wrecks.

Pedro Araujo

From Lisbon, Portugal

TDI certified: Trimix CCR

Pedro is one of the most experienced divers whose contributions to PortugalDive.com are most appreciated because he is also one of the most frequent divers' of PortugalDive.com group of friends.
He was certified as Open Water Diver in 1999. In 2002 took is first Open Circuit Technical course. Became a CCR diver in 2005, and Trimix CCR diver 10 years later in 2015.

Pedro Bernardo

From Lisbon, Portugal

TDI certified: Trimix CCR

Loves deep diving and photography.
A diver with a splendid sense of humor and someone you would choose to be your Buddy on a diving course.

Pedro Lage

From Lisbon, Portugal

TDI certified CCR...

With over 20 years experience in Technical Diving, he is considered a pioneer and leading expert for this type of diving in Portugal, ranging from caves to deep wrecks and CCR’s.
Currently ranked as Instructor Trainer by major diving agencies, he has certified most of the Portuguese technical divers and is now certifying the next generation of Technical Instructors. He has also been invited as a forensic expert, lecturer and legislative adviser by the Portuguese Navy as well as a contributor to several national diving magazines, co-author of diving manuals and technical diving conferences organizer.He has traveled around the world, either visiting the most charismatic recreational and technical diving destinations or participating in challenging expeditions to the unexplored caves of the Yucatan Peninsula in México, to the enigmatic Blue Holes of the Bahamas and to several deep wrecks of the Mediterranean, including the famous Britannic.

Pedro Vasconcelos

From  Funchal, Portugal

Scuba Dive Instructor, photographer

Love life.
Love the underwater world and taking people to discover the silent world.
Passion for photography and video.
"Simplicity is the Ultimate sophisticaton" - Leonardo da Vinci

Rui Luis

From Lisbon, Portugal

TDI Certified: Megalodon CCR Mixed Gas Diver, Decompression Procedures and Full Cave Diver
PADI Certified: Rescue Diver

Rui Luis a Portuguese speleologist born in 1978. During the early 1990’s he joined the team of cavers from AESDA – Association of Underground Studies and Environmental Defense and soon became responsible as editor of their magazine ‘Trogle’ Now he is currently chairman of the board. In Portugal his association is known for having discovered, participated and explored the Algar do Bom Santo, (perhaps the most important Neolithic Necropolis), the Roman Mines of Valongo (largest roman mining complex), the Algar Palopes Portugal deepest cave among other projects related to archeology, paleontology and biospeleology. He is a teacher of underground photography and has published several articles and participated in national and international congresses of speleology. He began diving to further explore caves in 2001 but today is an advanced closed circuit rebreather diver exploring submerged caves and specialising in underwater photography and archaeology. He is currently responsible for the cave diving department of Xplorasub – Association of Underwater Studies and co-responsible for the exploration of several Portuguese karstic springs.

Sérgio Clemente

From Lisbon, Portugal


Started diving in 2011 and in 2013 became a SSI Dive Master.
A photography lover, as soon as he began to discover the wonderful underwater world he has recorded amazing images to share with the world.

Susana Catita

From Lisbon, Portugal


Susana Catita first contact with the ocean depths, was in 1990 with a free-diving course. A decade later she took the Open Water Course and followed the recreational scuba diving formation, up to dive Master level.
Wanting to explore further depths, she went into technical Diving and from Open to Close Circuit. Wrecks and Caves are among her favourite dives.
She has been diving all over the world in magnificent places.
She launched the first scuba diving magazine in Portugal, "planetad'agua", first in an online edition, and later in paper.

The PortugalDive.com introductory text that you can read here in Diving in Portugal page http://portugaldive.com/diving-in-portugal.html is based on one of Susana´s inspiring articles that were published in her fantastic magazine.

Uwe Preuss

From Porto Santo , Portugal

AOWD SSI Instructor

Uwe is a dedicated diver who started diving in Tanzania at the age of 59 and became a PADI instructor at the age of 65, thanks to the insistence of his instructor-wife Laura. He travelled and dived with her in Tanzania, Egypt, France, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico and since 2010 in Portugal, where he became an SSI-AOW Instructor in 2012 and in 2013 he joined Rhea Dive in Porto Santo. He likes to teach and dive with children and also loves to make not so brave adults feel safe in in the water and enjoy the marvels of the clear and warm sea off Porto Santo. But what he likes best is having a “fun dive” with his best buddy Laura.

Wojciech Zgola

From Poznan, Poland

Divemaster PADI

Wojciech Zgoła - Editor in Chief of Perfect Diver Magazine (www.perfectdiver.com) - Passionate about diving and pure nature. He likes to say that he travels by diving. He learned to swim when he was less than 6 years old. At the age of 15, he obtained a yacht sailor's license and has been diving since 2006. He has completed over 800 dives in various regions of the world. He wrote and published many articles.
Co-author of photo exhibitions. An advocate of leaving the place of residence clean and unblemished. Diving promoter. Since 2008 he has been running his own website www.dive-adventure.eu. Based on extensive experience, in 2018 he created the new Perfect Diver Magazine, which has been successfully published regularly every two months in Polish and English for over 6 years.

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