When your passion for diving takes you to different underwater worlds... You like freshwater environments, new landscapes, different species you cannot find in the ocean or just because you love novelty and freshwater diving is your thing!

This program is designed to take you diving in exotic waters, surrounded by a rural landscape, very different from the conventional seaside you associate with diving. Here there are no diving centres, instead there is a subterranean world of villages where people once lived, worked and played. Now, they are the site of some of the favourite dives for those who like to dive in freshwater.


This exclusive dive includes

Everything you need from the moment we pick you up at your hotel and bring you back which, of course, includes your family and friends. Sharing a unique destination is the whole point of this fantastic day. You will all be going to a place not accessible to everybody. A place so beautiful, you will feel relaxed and blessed to visit it during your holidays. The most important thing is that you all will be together. Imagine doing your favourite dive, having your friends or family with you, knowing they are also having a great time. Yes, the non-diving crew will enjoy the day and the place, doing... stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, we'd rather not tell you right now, because if you knew, you might ruin the surprise... but rest assured we don't call this an Exclusive Dive without reason.

Located in the Zezere River, southwest of Tomar in the Santarem District, the Castelo de Bode Dam is one of the tallest structures and has one of the largest reservoirs in Portugal. The construction started in 1945 and finished in 1951. Since then, it has been used for electric power production, water supply, especially for Lisbon city, flood protection, and recreational activities including: windsurfing, rowing, sailing, jet skiing, and of course, diving. The main area is Albufeira de Castelo de Bode and its easy access by road makes it the perfect place for all recreational activities. For our diving experience, we have some exciting spots here, including a village, a bridge, and a mill wheel, all underwater. This Dam has breathtaking llandscapes, so don't forget your camera as you will definitely want to take some fantastic pics to share with your friends and family. Don't forget that you are in Portugal, so expect to find some excellent restaurants to chill and relax in after the dive.

„For most people, this is as close to being an astronaut as you'll ever get. It's leaving planet Earth behind and entering an alien world“

Mary Frances Emmons

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In this Exclusive Dive, your Portugal Dive Buddy will transport the entire crew and diving equipment for those who dive. We can also provide lunch at a typical restaurant and activities for those staying at the dam beach during the dive time.

You will never forget this exclusive program: you will see Portugal in a fantastic way, which few do. We are here for you and to help you enjoy a memorable experience.

PORTUGAL DIVE specialises in Supporting Technical Diving in Portugal and catering to groups of Technical Divers—book your next technical diving experience now!

For you, diving is going underwater in ways that others only dream of. You´ve taken the next step, and now you don't want to stop. Going deeper, visiting almost inaccessible, barely diveable shipwrecks, or exploring dark caves is your way of feeling the pleasure and thrill of a dive.

Deep diving, wreck diving or cave diving, Portugal Dive can build an advanced and exclusive dive program hosting those divers that have achieved higher maestri diving to sites and spots in Portugal, away from the standard scuba diving places.

Your diving is more demanding, and so is the necessary support. Portugal Dive will help you with every step of planning and implementing these higher-risk dives. We are here for all the logistics: transportation for your crew and gear, accommodation, equipment rentals (for open circuit (OC) or closed circuit (CCR) configurations), best mixes (from AIR, Nitrox to Trimix), you name it.

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Here, there are no diving centres. Just your crew, Portugal Dive and Nature in its most raw form.